A Little Bit Of History...


Ronin Martial Arts New Zealand

Kancho Chris W.B. Nicholson and Kancho Dwane T. Morgan founded Ronin Martial Arts International, in 1997, at the same time as Budo Bujutsu Ryu. The club was more known by the public as Ronin Martial Arts due to the branding and promotions that were done at the time. Budo Bujutsu Ryu was the School Name that the system of Martial Arts would be taught under.


Ronin Martial Arts International was the Organisation that would recognise Martial Artists, Martial Art Schools, Grades & Titles, and would also allow an environment free of politics in order to share techniques, ideas, concepts and principles. Since RMAI was founded it has helped and overseen the running of Seminars, Gradings and many other Martial Arts Clubs throughout New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and South Africa.




A Name Alteration...

In 2013 the name was changed to Ronin Martial Arts & Sciences International (RMASI) to include more of the studies of the body and the sciences that help us to better understand, the true core of the Martial Arts and the Techniques that are taught. And as we had recognised Clubs and Instructors from Australia, Canada, Samoa and South Africa it seemed fitting to change it from New Zealand to International.

Becoming A Ronin Member...


Currently there is no cost to becoming an affiliated member of RMASI.

We are interested in getting martial arts clubs training together and sharing ideas.


The only costs are for Seminars and Certification.

RMASI Members Council

Positions on the Members Council change depending on who is available to put in the time.









Vice President





Chris Nicholson, Budo Bujutsu Ryu, Australia

Dwane Morgan, ASD Martial Arts, New Zealand

Steven Jefferies, Accountant, New Zealand

Dehardt van der Merwe, Budo Ninjutsu, South Africa

Mark Grogan, Heian Do Bu Jutsu, Manukau


Ronin Martial Arts & Sciences International

Affiliated Clubs List

Budo Bujutsu Ryu Australia

Kancho Chris W.B. Nicholson

10th Dan Black Belt 

Brisbane, Australia









Heian Do Bu Jutsu Manukau

Sensei Mark Grogan

3rd Dan Black Belt

Auckland South, New Zealand









Fudoshin Ryu Bu Jutsu

Sosai Bryan Goldthrorpe

5th Dan Black Belt 

Auckland West









Sanchin Kempo Karate Kai

Shihan Isedora Lewis

3rd Dan Black Belt

ASD Martial Arts New Zealand

Kancho Dwane T. Morgan

8th Dan Black Belt 

Auckland, New Zealand 









Budo Ninjutsu South Africa

Sensei Alex Devezas

3rd Dan Black Belt

Johannesburg, South Africa

Sensei Leon Jacobs

1st Dan Black Bel

Johannesburg, South Africa 






Budo Shin Do Kai Karate-Jitsu

Budo Centre Slovenija

Soke Peter Cusin

10th Dan Black Belt