This form is to be completed by a parent or legal guardian,
if applicant is under 18 years of age.



In  consideration of  my  application for  membership  to the  Academy of  Self Defence  Association  New  Zealand (ASDANZ)

I accept all policies, procedures, ethics, standards, rules and regulations, which have been established for the good of all members. I further release ASDANZ, it’s representatives, instructors, officers, agents and members from any and all liability regarding to claims, judgments or demands from any and all damages arising from accidents and/or injuries sustained in the practice of the martial arts. 

I understand that my membership is for a fixed period (excluding casual membership) and therefore by signing below realize that my membership fees are due every week / month or other pre-determined period. 


Academy of Self Defence Association New Zealand will not be held responsible or liable for any lost or stolen personal items. Should you bring any valuable personal items to the Club, please hand them in at the beginning of class to the Club Head Instructor and retrieve them after class.



All fees are based on a yearly fee of $1300 per student ($25 per week or a discounted $100 per month), for 48 weeks of training and are broken down into 52 weekly payments or 12 monthly payments. Fees must be paid in advance and are non refundable. Any fees must be handed in at the beginning of class unless an approved payment arrangement has been made for online banking.  

A yearly registration fee is due payable at the beginning of each membership term and is forwarded to the Head Office of Academy of Self Defence Association New Zealand. 


Purchasing Uniforms and Equipment

Cash or Online banking will be accepted for the payment of Uniforms and/or Training Equipment and must be paid for upon ordering. Bank details can be attained from your Club Instructor.



Students may only grade if certain criteria are met, these include but are not limited to:


  • All yearly registration fees, membership fees and grading fees have to be paid up to date. New belts and certification will not be released to any student that has outstanding fees until payment has been received in full.


  • The student has shown capable understanding of the techniques required for the grade they are applying for and the physical ability to perform these techniques adequately showing control of the technique with the ability to keep him/herself and the training partner safe from harm.


  • The applicant may grade once they have passed their grading assessment. However if a student is unsuccessful in grading, the applicant may choose to reapply within the following 3 months without incurring a further charge. If the second attempt is unsuccessful the applicant must submit a new grading form and pay a further grading fee.


  • A student may pass their grading but have their grade held in reserve at the Instructors discretion until the applicant has shown sufficient improvement without the need to re-sit a formal grading.


  • An applicant who has shown outstanding ability and/or comprehension may be ‘Double Graded’ where he/she advances on to a higher belt for the same standard grading fee.