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Academy of Self Defence use the principles of the sciences to better understand effective Self Defence.  

The martial arts not only teach you how to defend yourself, but also about…


The Body;     Biomechanics, Physiology, Bones & Muscles

The Mind;     Focus, Intent, Visualisation, & Psychology

The Spirit;    Stamina, Drive & Determination


Learning that when the Body and Mind are exhausted it is the cultivation of your Spirit that will help you to achieve your goals in both Life and in the Martial Arts.


Our main focus is on Self Defence, so we utilize multiple systems of Martial Arts so we have a better understanding  of  techniques for different  situations, thus never limiting ourselves by only one way of thinking.


The 3 Martial Arts we teach are...

Aiki Jutsu        Joint Manipulation & Balance Control

Ju Jutsu          Holds, Locks, Restraints, Throwing, Takedowns & Ground Fighting

Te Jutsu          Striking


The arts are taught in harmony with each other and we look closely at how the body works and doesn’t work throughout our training so as to further our understanding of how to best apply the techniques at the correct time. After all if you don’t know how the body works then how can you ever truly know how to defend yourself effectively.


True understanding only comes from doing.

Aiki Jutsu  

Body Movement, Balance Manipulation, Projections, Takedowns, Joint Locks, Pins, Break Falls & Rolls


Pictured Below (Left) is Toby MacNeil Sensei demonstrating a Head Control Takedown on Jory Akuhata Shihan

                                                   ...Pictured Below (Right) is John Nansen Shihan demonstrating a Wrist Twist Takedown on Shawn Parsons Sensei

Ju Jutsu  

Holds, Locks, Restraints, Projections, Takedowns, Break Falls, Rolls, Grappling & Ground Fighting


Picture Below is Chantha Soth Sensei demonstrating a Knee Stomp Takedown on Shawn Parsons Sensei

Te Jutsu  

Striking with... Hands, Fists, Forearms, Elbows, Upper Arms, Shoulders, Feet, Shins, Knees, Thighs, Hips & Head


Pictured Below... (Left to Right)

1. John Nansen Shihan demonstrates a Kick to the Knee of Scott Nowell Kohai

2. Shawn Parsons Sensei demonstrates a Heel Palm to the Side of the Jaw of Mark Grogan Sensei

3. Students Demonstrating a Knee to the Face

4. Pair Practice Drills