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The Coming Together of 2 Masters

Chris W.B. Nicholson Sensei started his training in Judo when he was 14 yrs old. After a few years, Chris discovered Aikido and changed Martial Arts. After training for many years under Sensei Ron Russell and Sensei Jack Nairn, Chris achieved a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Aikido. Aikido opened the door to weapons training, with the introduction of the Jo (Wooden Staff) and the Bokkan (Wooden Sword), which then gave Nicholson Sensei a yearning to learn more about swords, so he then started training in Iaido (The Art of Sword Drawing & Cutting). Along the way, Nicholson Sensei achieved Black Belts in Ju Jutsu (2nd Dan), and Karate (3rd Dan). He then took up Iai Jutsu as well as training in Savate, Fencing and achieving Instructor Grade in Modern Arnis. Since then he has concentrated on pure Self Defence. Nicholson Sensei  is currently a serving correctional officer in Australia and has qualified in the Glock, Ruger and Shotgun, as well as the Control and Restraint Techniques required for Corrections.





Dwane T. Morgan Sensei started his training at a young age, learning from friends and family who studied various martial arts including, Karate, Judo, Nin Jitsu, Kung Fu and Boxing.  When Dwane was 14 yrs old, he joined his first official Martial Arts Club learning Karate. After years of training he achieved a 2nd Dan Black Belt. Since then, Morgan Sensei moved on to achieve Dan Grades in Aikido (2nd Dan), Ju Jutsu (2nd Dan) & Kempo (7th Dan). Sensei Morgan has also studied Modern Arnis, Bakbakan, Eskrima, Wing Tsun, Shaolin Kung Fu, Nin Jitsu, Savate, Systema, Tang Sou Dao, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing & Tai Chi.


The 2 Sensei met while training at various Dojos around Auckland. After training together in Karate, Aikido & Ju Jutsu, many discussions were had about the similarities between the core principles of the many different martial arts, and the result was Budo Bujutsu Ryu.






A New Martial Arts Club Was Born

Chris W.B. Nicholson Kancho and Dwane T. Morgan Kancho founded Budo Bujutsu Ryu New Zealand, in 1997. Budo Bujutsu Ryu incorporated mainly Aikido, Ju Jutsu, Kung Fu, Iaido and Modern Arnis. The first Club ‘Hillcrest Dojo’, was never officially opened, but grew steadily. After a few years, the club moved to a much bigger location, Gym City in Papatoetoe. After 3 years, the Club had grown to over 50 members, and so a new location for a full time dojo was sought. In May 2003, Shirley Rd Dojo was officially opened, and named ‘Hombu Dojo’ and ran Classes 6 days per week. Classes for Tiny Tigers (Under 5’s), once a week, Little Dragons (5 to 14 yrs), 3 per day, 4 days per week and 2 Senior Dragon Classes per day, as well as, Weapon Specific Classes in Jodo (Wooden Staff), Iaido (Sword), Eskrima (Stick & Knife), and also Yoga, with students from 3 years of age, through to 82 years of age. Over the next 2 years, the Club grew to a respectable 75 students. After teaching as Head Instructor of Budo Bujutsu Ryu NZ for 9 years, Nicholson Kancho moved to Brisbane, Australia, in early 2005. Morgan Kancho was then promoted to Head Instructor, of Budo Bujutsu Ryu NZ. By 2007, Hombu Dojo had grown to a staggering 120 members, and with great success, the Club moved from strength to strength, running courses for Security Professionals, Women’s Refuge, Rape Crisis, Girls Brigade, Local Schools and Businesses. Seminars were held for many different Martial Arts Clubs of different Styles throughout NZ, as well as, numerous public demonstrations. The NZ and Australian Clubs Syllabus, evolved over the following 2 years, with Nicholson Kancho wanting to focus more on Aikido, Weapons & Self Defence, and Morgan Kancho wanting to focus more on the Jutsu forms of the Unarmed Martial Arts as a whole. Kancho Nicholson agreed that the schools had become quite different in syllabus and therefore, gave his blessing for Morgan Kancho to rename his school. The name chosen was, ‘Ai Shin Do Bu Jutsu’ meaning… ‘Harmonising Truths through the Way of the Martial Arts’.

In 2009, Kancho Morgan was contracted overseas, and so, he down sized the Club and moved it to Kolmar Rd, leaving the Club to be overseen by the Senior Black Belt Students. When he got back, Kancho Morgan looked for a new premise, and relocated the Club to the Scout Hall at Sunnyside Reserve, where we are now currently training.



Taking On A New Country

Chris W.B. Nicholson Kancho founded Budo Bujutsu Ryu Australia, in 2005. Clubs were opened in Yeppoon during 2005, Then in early 2007 in Hervey Bay & then in 2009 in Brisbane and has since had students successfully grade to Black Belt.



Name Change

Dwane T. Morgan Kancho founded Ai Shin Do Bu Jutsu New Zealand in June 2008 with the support of Chris W.B. Nicholson Kancho, with the name becoming more widely known as ASD Martial Arts.

ASD Martial Arts is based largely on the Budo Bujutsu Ryu System of Martial Arts established by Nicholson Kancho & Morgan Kancho, teaching Aiki Jutsu (Balance & Joint Manipulation), Ju Jutsu (Holds, Locks, Restraints, Takedowns, Projections, Grappling & Ground Fighting), Te Jutsu (Striking) & Buki Jutsu (Weapons). Although the Arts were given Japanese names, the individual arts include techniques from China, America, Thailand, France, The Philippines, Russia and Brazil.

ASD Martial Arts incorporates 3 main Unarmed Martial Arts… Aiki Jutsu, Ju Jutsu & Te Jutsu and has a comprehensive Weapons System (Buki Jutsu) to compliment the syllabus including Jo, Bokkan, Kali Stick and Tanto, though the main focus, is the Unarmed Self Defence System of Bu Jutsu. In 2012 the Ai Shin Do Bu Jutsu Syllabus, again made advances towards harmonising the 3 Arts, Aiki, Ju & Te into one System and adopted the new Red Emblem, which pays tribute to the Club’s History.

The Core Truths have always been the main focus for all techniques. These are some of the Principles that all techniques must adhere to…

To Breathe, Correct Posture, Balance, Breaking Balance of Your Opponent, Control of Centre, Movement, Weight Forward, Time on Distance, Harmonise with Opponent, Hips Dictate Power, Push Pull etc.

Academy of Self Defence Association New Zealand

In 2016, the Academy of Self Defence Association New Zealand was formed with the concept of bringing the individual clubs together enabling us to unify and strengthen our organisation, working together as a team to help benefit both existing clubs and new clubs starting out. 

Looking Forward

Nicholson Kancho is very much a big part of ASDANZ history and its future to come, and even though Nicholson Kancho is based in Brisbane, Australia, he still comes to NZ, to share his knowledge with us, by taking Classes, running Seminars and to oversee the Grading of Senior Dan Students. 

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Dwane and Chris

Black Belt Weekend

November 2019

Day One

Black Belt Weekend

November 2019

Day Two

Black Belt Weekend

November 2019